Golden Shade Night Light $22.99

Golden Damask Night Light $22.99

Beautiful golden damask fabric half-shade night light with long golden and crystal-colored beading. Click to purchase.

PARIS Eiffel Tower NIGHT LIGHT $21.99

This lovely fabric print features golden metallic PARIS on an off-white colored background with a black Eiffel Tower as the central focal point and black French script writings and a gold color Fleur de Lis metal-look applique the right top side, and the shade with beading has an elegant faux pearl teardrop beaded trim at the bottom.

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Ribbon & Lace 3 Pink Roses Script NIGHT LIGHT $18.75

Lovely cream off-white background with faint gray handwritten script scrolled throughout featuring 3 elegant pink roses in various shades of dark to lighter pinks in the middle with lovely flowing faint green leaves flowing from the roses.


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