Light for the Night

We began as a lighting & home decor company bringing you light for the night. Of course. Your home would be dark if you didn’t have a light in it at night. We create shaded night lights that will bring a lovely glow to your room and thus, light for the night.

We don’t just create night lights. We also hand sew home decor items with matching coordinated fabrics for your kitchen, bath, bedroom or office. We hand make decorative display towels, mini lamp shades, and tissue covers too.

We’re looking forward to working together with you and getting to know you, like we’ve done over the years with so many of our wonderful dedicated customers.

And that’s not all. We’d like to talk not only about ways to bring our lighting in to your home, but also help you make your home beautiful with elegant lighting, create new moods for your darkness, help you to design with your decorating hopes & dreams from our new blog, Light for the Night where we hope to  bring some light for the night in your life also, not just your home.

So that’s what the blog will be all about. Hope you’ll join us as we start on this new journey, out from the midst of the darkness, and discover the light for the night.




Each of our shades are handcrafted by an artisan who will intricately create your night light or lamp shade using the best designer fabrics, laces and trims.

Home Decor

Romantic hand crafted lamp shades and matching items bring a look of unique elegance to your home or office.

…and more

Coordinate the look of your home with different styles and themes. Shabby chic, French farmhouse, woodland lodge, we are all unique and different, with various tastes and styles, so reflect it in your home decor too!